Acrylic 150 x 100 cm, 1.850 €
Replica - print on canvas 450 €


Acrylic 100 x 100 cm, 1,230 € 
Replica - print on canvas 300 €


Acrylic 55 x 65 cm, 310 €
Replica - print on canvas 120 €


Acrylic 100 x 100 cm, 1,230 € 
Replica - print on canvas 300 €


Acrylic 100 x 100 cm, 1.230 €
Replica - print on canvas 300 €


Acrylic 110 x 100 cm, 1,230 € 
Replica - print on canvas 320 €


Acrylic 140 x 110 cm, 1.615 €
Replica - print on canvas 400 €


Acrylic 2 x 50 x 70 cm, 1,230 €  SOLD


Acrylic 140 x 110 cm, SOLD
Replica - print on canvas 400 €


...had a magical beginning during one late night accompanied by rock bands and red wine. At first 4 independent and quick paintings were born. In three of them some kind of face appeared and the last one was in slightly blue mist. On the next day they asked for connection with each other and in my mind I immediately saw a lizard. The Lizard became a connection with the four independent different and at the same time they can’t be without each other, exactly as with archetypes, that all of us have in different proportions in us: king – warrior – lover – magician.
Acrylic 70 x 90 cm, SOLD


The story of this painting began by not coincidently listening to an interview with a youtuber called „Kovy“. I had no idea who he was, but for some reason this interview showed up on the TV screen and since the first minute started I was excited not only about his personal story, but also about the wide overview of this young boy.
In the next phase of this paintings evolution, we got to my most favourite subject – womanhood and the stories of woman. This lead me to far history of destinies of Joan of Arc, Grace O'Malley, Boudice..., this topic is than closed by my friend Katerina, which is literally blowing me away with her womanhood. She invited me for a horse ride and the experience from it had closed the emotion of the painting.
I can't paint horses so I “poured” him my own way on the canvas and because at one point he looked like a prehistoric horse, to avoid possible misinterpretations I wrote there the word “kůň” which means “horse”
At the end I perceive this plaiting as a symbolism of meeting – far history with far future – circles in circles. We are coming back, we are like duckling that are spinning. We are spinning forward and backward and when the rotation stops us, we are finally “here and now”.
Acrylic 100 x 100 cm, 1.280 €
Replica - print on canvas 300 €


Oh I will not forget this one, because I had a feeling that I got „colour crazy” and I did not care about anything. The colours were flying around, bouncing from the floor on the TV and sofa and I was delightfully high. The first wave was a “maxi splash” and my son Frantisek just came back from school at the right moment so we went to an Indian restaurant. I call this phase “the painting is in the oven”. It was drying for few hours and I was curiously observing how this ecstasy will turn out.
One morning I invited a fairy doll that is looking after me when I sleep to this painting and I put her on a horse. While I was painting, we were talking with each other. The wing of a fairy is gently and secretly revealing itself in the upper left corner. The spirit of the whole painting process was in discovering, becoming aware and in a new phase in my expressing myself with colours.

Acrylic 100 x 100 cm, 1.200 €
Replica - print on canvas 300 €


This was an inspiring ride. It would not come in to existence without the place called “Vnitroblock” where I like to go to clear out my brain and breath in creative mood. The atmosphere there is starting with seemingly trivialities like the smile of people serving customers, “paintings” that are on the foam of a cafe up to the paintings that are decorating the walls and a variety of goods created by current designers – All of this together is inspiring me and this was also projected in to the technique and colour composition of the canvas. It was brave and relaxed and I was connecting all the types of experiences which I gained during my whole time as an artist. When I was painting this painting, I found myself in Vnitroblock, I was thinking about people I’m meeting there, I was hearing the music that is playing there, I was thinking about nice emotions that I experience and as I’m with those emotions returning back home.
I thank everybody that initiated this project.

Acrylic  2 x 50 x 70 cm, 1.200 € SOLD
Replica - print on canvas 340 €


This painting is called „Birth Giving“ because it helped me to remind myself how it is to give human life or the one I’m creating on the canvas. The first layers were ignited quickly, like a sperm penetrates the egg. Next phase was brisk as well and almost certain with every other drop that gushed out – this painting was actually gushing out very fast, perhaps it should have been called „A rocket“ :)
The painting was then put on a side for few weeks and I was waiting for final dot, final finish and what a birth giving it was! The finish was about few seconds of doubt if I should give it up and I will be scared that I will ruin it and that it will be my artistic death but then I took a deep breath and told myself, that I won’t give up. I showered the painting and then I brushed the spot I was depressed about, then the final dot was born and I exhaled delightfully... it was finally out there in the world.
I love it as I love my children that I gave birth to.

Acrylic 140 x 110 cm, 1.680 € SOLD
Replica - print on canvas 450 €


Eagle came in the moment of desire to fly in all directions towards new possibilities on the canvas. I was looking for a new form of manifestation, new and unknown contact with colors. It was amazing!! The painting came in to existence during my conversations with friends. It was a period of communicating and exchanging of experience a period of openness and exposure. Thank you Viki, Zuzka, Bára and Danka for co-creation. That eagle has landed on the canvas without even noticing how. He flew in in the purity of our woman circle.

Acrylic 73 x 84 cm, 860 € SOLD
Replica - print on canvas 225 €


The “Egg” painting began as a tribute to menstruation, but developed into a conception resembling an egg in a womb, wrapped up in a rainbow.
I perceive this metamorphosis from menstruation into an egg as a symbol of my ambivalence. The ambivalence that I sense in the relationship between menstruation and the desire to have a child.
On one hand I loathe menstruation, but on the other I gladly accept it in all of its lushness, perfection, precision and power. I believe, however, that a rainbow egg will arise in the womb shortly ☺

Acrylic 80 x 80 cm, 680 €
Replica - print on canvas 225 €


Juraj and I went to see a stage play named The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz interpreted by one of our favorite actors and thinkers – Jaroslav Dušek.
The performance was uplifting and entertaining, but also painfully truthful and definitely gave us food for thought. The spirit of the play stuck with us throughout dinner and evoked my desire to paint when we returned home. 
It felt like a pleasant kidnapping into the inner world of art, as the canvas began to drown in green and I suddenly felt as if I were laying in the middle of a thriving forest and this feeling has followed me until the very end of the painting’s evolution.
My thoughts during the creation process were playful and joyful, it almost felt as if they were dancing inside my head and between the brush strokes I pictured a forest, a home to a community of creatures that are born together, live, create and peacefully die together.

Acrylic 100 x 100 cm, SOLD
Replica - print on canvas 300 €


Summer storm was a great experience. The painting was always calling for a contact very early in the morning or very late in the evening. I have this painting connected with the artist Otto Placht and a documentary that is telling a story about his life in the Amazon jungle. I’ve been listening to this documentary again and again in, where sometimes I’ve felt hot and adventurous and I’ve also felt how I’m living the journey of this Czech artist from places, that are surrounded with secrecies. This way I’m also explaining myself, why the painting is almost hallucinogenic… maybe some drops of ayahuaska dropped in to my mind via the experience from the documentary.

Acrylic 120 x 110 cm, 1.380 €
Replica - print on canvas 450 €


The Womb developed during the boom of my passionate side. It began with my craving for action. I yearned to roll around in the painting, so I at least danced on it using my toes and fingers.

This painting reflects me as I person filled with desire for physical and mental pleasure, for cognition of my inner feminine world – the cave of mystery, the sanctuary of pleasure, the circle of fertility.

The Womb matured for approximately 4 months

Acrylic 100 x 100 cm, 1.110 €
Replica - print on canvas 300 €


This blue vortex belongs to the merges, that are arriving to me in waves and this message that was painted on the canvas was a connection of several events that were going on in me. This painting was an assistant in the timing of something that I’ve though would be almost impossible and yet I still wanted to do it. Everything turned out great at the end and I’m grateful for the experience, that my courage and my conviction to move forward helped me to gain and store. The title came via the music that was accompanying me during the painting – The movie „Theory of Everything” about a great person Stephen Hawking.

Acrylic 100 x 100 cm, SOLD
Replica - print on canvas 300 €


A tear drop literally fell on the canvas and influenced the whole development of scattering of colours. That afternoon when the painting has reflected from my inner world, I’ve found myself in sorrow and fear from the thought, if I will have enough courage for what I’ve dream about, to live without doubt and paranoia...a big tear dropped out of my eye and splashed on the yellow surface of the canvas. It was on 5.12. St. Nicolas day. Guys came from school; Frantisek’s face was painted as devil and Krystof had glitter all over his face. I asked him to shake his head above the canvas and so was the emotion of tear drop completed with a glitter of hope and trust, that there is nothing to fear...

Acrylic 73 x 84 cm, SOLD
Replica - print on canvas 225 €


This particular painting matured during a time of euphoria when I felt the unlimited possibilities we may embrace. All of what I desperately desired but feared to go after was finally within arms reach and I grew each day through the will and courage. I felt dauntless, yet so vulnerable and influenced by my previous anxieties and restrictions that I created in my own Pandora’s box. This piece symbolizes the depth and vastness of possibilities and serves as a glimpse of hope as well as glance into the unknown. It is the final thought before deciding to jump; despite knowing that you are tightly attached to a rope and somewhere down there is a rescue net. It is the thrill of the uncertainty that you may never know how exactly will it end.

It took approximately 3 months for this painting to develop into its final proportions.

Acrylic 100 x 100 cm, 1.770 € SOLD
Replica - print on canvas 300 €