Deep Ocean

Space Ocean: This particular painting matured during a time of euphoria when I felt the unlimited possibilities we may embrace.

All of what I desperately desired but feared to go after was finally within arms reach and I grew each day through the will and courage. I felt dauntless, yet so vulnerable and influenced by my previous anxieties and restrictions that I created in my own Pandora’s box.

This piece symbolizes the depth and vastness of possibilities and serves as a glimpse of hope as well as glance into the unknown. It is the final thought before deciding to jump; despite knowing that you are tightly attached to a rope and somewhere down there is a rescue net. It is the thrill of the uncertainty that you may never know how exactly will it end.

It took approximately 3 months for this painting to develop into its final proportions.  

Acrylic 100 x 100 cm, 1.770 €
Replica - print on canvas 300 €