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I consider the first layers put down onto the canvas as building stones that are unique to each and every painting.
Sometimes it only takes an hour and a single touch with the painting to develop its foundation stones. Other times the origins blossom in a much longer process in which the base consists of numerous interconnected layers.
Juraj and I went to see a stage play named The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz interpreted by one of our favorite actors and thinkers – Jaroslav Dušek.
The performance was uplifting and entertaining, but also painfully truthful and definitely gave us food for thought. The spirit of the play stuck with us throughout dinner and evoked my desire to paint when we returned home. This experience gave rise to two paintings that I began to create that magical evening. I consider one of them, named The Heart, my most rapidly established and minimalistic piece. The other one, titled The Four Agreements, has its foundation stones based on the energy and spirit that I gathered from that night’s performance.
It felt like a pleasant kidnapping into the inner world of art, as the canvas began to drown in green and I suddenly felt as if I were laying in the middle of a thriving forest and this feeling has followed me until the very end of painting’s evolution.
My thoughts during the creation process were playful and joyful, it almost felt as if they were dancing inside my head and between the brush strokes I pictured a forest, a home to a community of creatures that are born together, live, create and peacefully die together.




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Description: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm

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Dimensions100 × 100 × 5 cm

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