This painting is called „Birth Giving“ because it helped me to remind myself how it is to give human life or the one I’m creating on the canvas. The first layers were ignited quickly like a sperm penetrates the egg. Next phase was brisk as well and almost certainly with every other drop that gushed out – this painting was actually gushing out very fast, perhaps it should have been called „A rocket“ 🙂

The painting was then put on a side for few weeks and I was waiting for final dot, final finish and what a birth-giving it was! The finish was about few seconds of a doubt if I should give it up and I will be scared that I will ruin it and that it will be my artistic death but then I took a deep breath and told myself, that I won’t give up. I showered the painting and then I brushed the spot I was depressed about, then the final dot was born and I exhaled delightfully… it was finally out there in the world.

I love it as I love my children that I gave birth to.




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Decription: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 140 x 110 cm

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