The butterfly motif and its portrayal has stuck with me since early childhood, I always loved to draw and paint these beautiful creatures. Butterflies represent the gracefulness of colors and change.

The connection that formed during the creation process was one of the most intense ones I have ever experienced.  After a long journey it finally hatched out and now that I am looking at it, I can say it is a majestic piece. I can see the few minutes I lovingly seized every morning and spent with it before work. I also see the evening fatigue, but at the same time satisfaction that we meet once more that day. And lastly I see the hours during weekends, when I immersed myself into its magic. I would like to thank my partner and children for understanding when I did not feel like cooking or cleaning and selfishly devoted all my time to the enchanting colors.

I thank you, Butterfly, for all of the inner talks we had, for the colorful thoughts and streaks that transformed with every touch of the canvas.

The Butterfly evolved for approximately 6 months.


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Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

Dimension: 120 x 110 cm

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Dimensions110 × 120 × 2 cm