My creations are actually always connected with not only my current personal experiences
but also with an accompanying word mostly from an interesting interview. The birth of the
dragon was initiated quite spontaneously.
At that moment, I was almost in the finishing phase of my painting Sookie, when my creative
flow had the desire to engage with something abstract. So, I started to pour on a 1x1m
canvas the rests of colors from my previous paintings and I was observed how these flowed
are melted into one another.
So many times, I wanted to stop the process in some specific moment, but the colors always
have a mind of their own. As all of this was happening, I was listening to a broadcast from
the ‘Conscious Sexuality’ series by Krystof Koucky with his guest Jana Radovy.
This first phase lasted several hours. During which I spread and poured the colors again and
again, while observing, admiring and reconciling with the change taking place before me .
You can never just estimate the potential change, it has to be repeated again and again. I
perceived the flow of colors, as the flow of life itself…
The next phase transferred itself to the movie series ‘The Vikings’ again. This topic keeps on
returning into my reality and I am so happy to disperse myself in it. Eventually, I understood
why. My partner Juraj was telling me about the different aspects of the Warrior archetype
and the story transferred itself on the canvas.  Since the middle part of the canvas got dry, I
called the painting ‘Dragon Eye’.

Price 32.000 CZK / 1.200 €, Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm / SOLD 🔴

Official replica – digital print on canvas – Using high-quality print, I am creating more believable replicas by adding my paints to shade and to contrast the picture. On the replica, you will find parts with real paint and that way the copy looks more authentic so in the end it has personality and it is more personal to you.

100 x 100 cm,  7.200 CZK / 290 €

80 x 80 cm,  5.700 CZK / 230 €

50 x 50 cm,  3.000 CZK / 120 €


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Product Description

Decription: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm


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