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Oh, I will not forget this one, because I had a feeling that I got „color crazy” and I did not care about anything. The colors were flying around, bouncing from the floor on the TV and sofa and I was delightfully high. The first wave was a “maxi splash” and my son Frantisek just came back from school at the right moment so we went to an Indian restaurant. I call this phase “the painting is in the oven”. It was drying for a few hours and I was curiously observing how this ecstasy will turn out.
One morning I invited a fairy doll that is looking after me when I sleep to this painting and I put her on a horse. While I was painting, we were talking to each other. The wing of a fairy is gently and secretly revealing itself in the upper left corner. The spirit of the whole painting process was in discovering, becoming aware and in a new phase in my expressing myself with colors.


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Decription: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm

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