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Description: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 150  x 96 cm

I confess that the painting was made during the presidential debates because I was simply interested.
However, passion has multiple dimensions – passionate debates between partners that can result in a peace pact by making love for example 😇, we have the sunshine version and then there are the other ones that can give me chills…at times…passion to get my way where I am able to stoop to lies and misrepresentations to get my way.
I’m a positive person, so even the image of passionate debates is a passionate “happy ending”, but I couldn’t help but mention that presidential specials were involved in its creation 🏁.

(note on the chosen form of hanging the painting – it is an abstraction, so I am not insisting on whether the painting is hung landscape or portrait, it is up to the collector)



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