The beauty chase – when we see peacock we are mesmerized. We scurry and whisper, hoping it will show off his fan to us for a moment. Peacocks tail in its mind-blowing fascinating beauty. On the canvas, it’s curving into a whirl. The whirl represents human weakness…how easy it is for us to get “carried away” looking at the beauty and the charm and falling for the obvious shallowness. Let’s see the Beauty in a bigger context. Maybe this “bigger” contest won’t be so attractive like a peacocks tail, maybe it will be “only” a tree which is standing on the same spot for hundred years withstanding every season each year. We have a desire to stay young which is logical but each of our wrinkles represents the story of our lifes and knowledge we’ve gained. Same like the tree wrinkles are marked into it’s bark recording it’s own story and history.

PRICE 45.000 CZK / 1.800 €, Acrylic on canvas, 150 x 100 cm SOLD

Authored Replica (print on canvas):

150  x 100 cm 9.500 CZK / 380 €

120 x 80 cm 7.200 CZK / 290 €

90 x 60 cm 4.900 CZK / 200 €



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Product Description

Description: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 150 x 100 cm


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