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This painting is about love and desire. About achieving the touch of unconditional love, without judging and control. It originally came out from a painting, that had the perfect decorum. It had a pleasant color feeling where you almost would do the usual “oooohhh, that’s so beautiful”. But deep inside of me I did not truly believe in its message. I had a feeling of a temporary infatuation, illusion and so I took the white color and started to paint with it all over it. My lower abdomen started to purr nicely and I was perceiving that “this is it”. In the end, I loved how the white did not cover the whole painting. I was fascinated by the imperfection. After a while of diving deep into it, I took one of the most beautiful colors I have (red carmina) and I allowed it to shine as much as the white foundation allowed it to. This type of red is able to play out in so many shades, that you basically don’t understand where they are coming from.

From a so-called “perfect painting” a piece was created that has a veil of cognition, just as love has. You can’t predict it and it’s requiring tolerance, respect, openness, and esteem. The imprint from the first phase is reminding me of a rose and right away I remembered the story fo Adonis and his unconditional love and boundaries. This way it has been decided on the name of the painting.



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Description: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 100 x 70 cm

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Original, Replica 100 x 70 cm, Replica 90 x 60 cm


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