Fist time I experienced painting on a 2×1 m format canvas was when a custom-made order came from our lovely neighbors. I fell so much in love with this format that I’ve ordered a 3rd piece already. I started this (second) painting with this format at the end of Jun 2018. The idea was blooming in my head for a couple of days already and it came clearly to existence exactly on the solstice day, when visiting a summer theatre.
Most of the time the way how I approach a painting is that I dive deeply into it, like into the water. I do like swimming but I’m not a good “jumper”. I prefer my own style. This is also how the first movements of my brush looked like. I did not know anything, I did not plan. I let myself carry away down the stream and I observed. For some time I had a vision of a sunset and a figure – a being. This vision had the taste of ancient Egypt, especially the being. Then a friend of mine came and showed me photos of her sister that is living in Chile and one of the photos was exactly the sunset that lit up my creative desire to the fullest and the very next day it began.
A generously big Sun setting down. It was a dance of my hand and brush. Sometimes I can’t even process how fast things start moving. What is still me and what is the undescribable strong feeling, that I’m so addicted to. I’m addicted to the way how you get outside of your understanding of what it is going on on the canvas, how does it look like and if it even all makes sense. You don’t care at all and you know that it’s the creative nourishment. It’s something that may or may not have a story and you even don’t know when it will end. Exactly on this day, the story of a sunset was born and I even “noticed” a left wing of a bird.
Now I’m thinking if the colors are even the colors of an Eagle. One of my friends sees there a seagull, other friend saw at the beginning of the process a dove. Whatever it may be, I wish that this flying being brings a message to everybody and it does not matter how it’s called. This summer, thanks to my three years old niece, I became “Ali”. Nobody knows where she came up with this name but I luckily accepted.
This is also the way how I would like for everybody to feel when in touch with my paintings. Let your imagination and visions without any limits and labels, just let yourself carry away with the flow.


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Popis: akryl na plátně

Rozměry: 200 x 100 cm

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