Tear Drop 🔴


A tear drop literally fell on the canvas and influenced the whole development of scattering of colours. That afternoon when the painting has reflected from my inner world, I’ve found myself in sorrow and fear from the thought, if I will have enough courage for what I’ve dream about, to live without doubt and paranoia…a big tear dropped out of my eye and splashed on the yellow surface of the canvas. It was on 5.12. St. Nicolas day. Guys came from school; Frantisek’s face was painted as devil and Krystof had glitter all over his face. I asked him to shake his head above the canvas and so was the emotion of tear drop completed with a glitter of hope and trust, that there is nothing to fear…

PRICE 17.000 CZK/ 680 €, Acrylic 73 x 84 cm

Authored Replica (print on canvas):

45 x 50 cm 2.500 CZK

50 x 70 cm, poster, 800 CZK


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Product Description

Description: Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 73 x 84 cm


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