This was an inspiring ride. It would not come into existence without the place called “Vnitroblock” where I like to go to clear out my brain and breath in a creative mood. The atmosphere there is starting with seeming trivialities like the smile of people serving customers, “paintings” that are on the foam of a cafe up to the paintings that are decorating the walls and a variety of goods created by current designers – All of this together is inspiring me and this was also projected into the technique and color composition of the canvas. It was brave and relaxed and I was connecting all the types of experiences that I gained during my whole time as an artist. When I was painting this painting, I found myself in Vnitroblock, I was thinking about people I’m meeting there, I was hearing the music that is playing there, I was thinking about nice emotions that I experience and as I’m with those emotions returning back home.
I thank everybody that initiated this project.


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Decription: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 2 x 50 x 70 cm

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Original, Replica 100 x 70 cm


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