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I consider my work a medium that communicates via color.
Deprived of shyness, open to any impulse to grasp at shades, make seemingly absurd and illogical brush strokes. I allow myself to throw, sputter, squirt, soften and tickle colors until their final tuning.
During this process, I become a direct observer.
I study the movement of colors, how they meet, communicate, play, cuddle, weave, come and go. There is no shade that can displace another. Colors are like a community that shapes my view at the world.
A world of respect and acceptance, without arrogance and condemnation.

When I paint, I dangle with the colors and feel ecstatic, like a surfer catching a super-wave. Like him, I too silently hold my breath and balance, in a desire to never end the moment.
A few seconds when we are immortal.  
Painting is my nourishment and passion; it supplies me with energy at times it is also my inner conflict, sending me out into the unknown. Painting is purely an intuitive way of expressing myself, my energy and my deepest thoughts and emotions. It is never planned or restricted, it is my freedom! 

Born 1972 in Liberec, Czech Republic. I loved to paint and draw since early childhood and then I got the amazing opportunity to study at a Glass-making Art School in Železný Brod.

2019 Leipzig Art Fair - Vang Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2019 Art Prague 
2019 Paris Art Fair - Vang Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2019 Affordable Arf Fair, London - Emotions of the World Gallery, Milan, Italy
2018 ALLfest - Litomerice
2017 Vnitroblock - Prague
2017 Spring "ART MIX" with topic "Love", Bratislava
2017 Art of 21st century without a judgment, Prague
2016 ALLfest - Litomerice
2015 Trevisian International Art Little Treasure - Treviso, Italy
2014 Untitled Artists Fair - London, Great Britain
2013 Chianciano Biennale - Chianciano, Italy

2014 Rivierart
2014 Arttourinternational

1986 - 1990 The High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Železný Brod, The Czech Republic
Specialization on the glass jewelry - Prof. Zdeňka Laštovičková

Previous Career:
1997 - 2016 Alchymist Luxury Group, hotel manager, Prague, Czech Republic

"The principle of the emergence and decline of life is the very same one giving birth to and carrying out a work of art."

– Jan Zrzavy
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